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Executive Board


Anagha Srivasta 

President, Founding Member

Biomedical Sciences ('23) 

I am going to be a senior at UCF in the fall and I hope to move on to medical school and become a physician. I love volunteering and being active in my community, which led me to join PERIOD. It has been one of the best decisions I‘ve made coming into college. 

Why PERIOD: Growing up, I was fortunate enough to never have to worry about discussing my period health with my family. However, as I looked out further into my community and to other communities around the world, I realized how stigmatized the conversation about periods was and also how desperately it needed to happen. I wanted to join this movement to start shedding light on period poverty and stigma and work towards ending them both.

Period craving: Dark chocolate!


Directorship: Period Drive


Caitlyn Pham

Vice President

Biomedical Sciences ('23) / / Mathematics / Diversity & Social Inequality

I joined PERIOD@UCF my sophomore year as a director and served as our Media Relations Officer last year! I am incredibly excited to be Vice President this year and see everything that we accomplish as a chapter. I'm a pre-medical student and I hope to receive my MD/MPH in the future, with a speciality in pediatrics. Outside my studies, you can find me involved with UCF’s President’s Leadership Council, going to concerts, and exploring the local food scene. I'm an Orlando native and love to find new boba and coffee shops to try!


Why PERIOD: I have always been involved in advocacy regarding reproductive rights since high school and in college, I gained a passion for public health as well. PERIOD@UCF allows me to combine my two passions while fighting to end period stigma and poverty. I have been able to connect with other menstruators to discuss the current state of menstrual health and what we can do to improve access and care. I can truly make a difference in the realm of health access and education to make sure that change is being made.

Period craving: I have a huge sweet tooth, so I always get a boba drink when I'm on my period. Specifically the mango tea with cheese foam from Möge Tee!


Directorship: Volunteering​


Isabella Wong


Biomedical Sciences ('24) / / Psychology / Diversity and Social Inequity

Hi! I’m Isabella and I’m so excited to be your Secretary for this year. When I’m not at school or at a PERIOD. event, I’m probably cooking, watching a sitcom I’ve seen dozens of times, or doing really awful karaoke with my roommate in our living room. In the future, I hope to go to medical school and pursue my MD!


Why PERIOD: I have always wanted to be a physician, but my whole life I have been passionate about social justice. PERIOD. is the perfect way to fuse my interests in STEM with my desire to volunteer and contribute my time to the menstrual movement. I love what PERIOD. stands for and hope that we can be an inclusive and welcoming space for all!

Period craving: Oreos!


Directorship: Education and Advocacy


Uma Sriram


Biomedical Sciences ('25) / Women and Gender Studies

Hello! My name is Uma Sriram, and I am a sophomore studying biomedical sciences and women and gender studies. I hope to attend medical school and become an OB/GYN! In my free time, I like to read rom-coms, crochet, and go on runs. I am so excited to be Treasurer of PERIOD this year! 

Why PERIOD: I decided to join PERIOD in my freshman year because menstruation is a topic that is heavily stigmatized in my close communities. I instantly loved how PERIOD created a welcoming environment for people of all identities to share their unique thoughts and experiences! I also learned about the immense amount of change and advocacy needed to overcome period stigma and poverty! As Treasurer, I hope to fundraise as much as I can to make a global impact for menstruators without access to period products! 

Period craving: Boston Cream Donuts!


Directorship: Fundraising



Salika Vummarao

Media Relations

Biomedical Sciences ('25) / Women and Gender Studies


Hi! I’m Salika, your media relations chair for this year! I’ve been super invested in PERIOD. since my freshman year at UCF and I’m excited to continue to improve the menstrual movement. I started out as an Education/Advocacy director for PERIOD. last year and absolutely loved my experience. I currently serve on PERIOD.’s Youth Advisory Council and am excited to help the organization as a whole push for greater change. Apart from PERIOD. some of my interests include dancing, watching movies, and trying new food! Looking forward to getting to know more members of PERIOD!

Why PERIOD:  As someone who aspires to work in the healthcare field in the future, specifically as an OB/GYN, PERIOD. was an amazing way for me to fight about something I am passionate about. While it aligns with my career goals, I also find great importance in understanding how many populations across the world are affected by menstrual stigma, often resulting in a lack of access to products and period poverty. PERIOD. has also allowed me to advocate for change across Orlando and the nation! I hope to build a more inclusive environment for all menstruators this year, whether it’s by combating period poverty or helping people fight against stigma.

Period craving: Cookie Dough Ice Cream :)

Directorship: Media Relations

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