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Why join PERIOD@UCF?”

Involvement in PERIOD@UCF not only provides many ways to get service hours but also opportunities to learn about why we fight against period poverty. From learning about cultural stigmas about menstruation to why we use the word “menstruator," PERIOD@UCF unapologetically facilitates the conversation about topics that are rarely discussed. If you want to be a part of the ever-growing and influential movement to promote menstrual equity, this organization is right for you!

“What are some of your events?”

We host a variety of service and education events, such as packing parties, period drives, bake sales, volunteering events, study sessions, period talks, and RSO collaborations. We also plan to introduce more advocacy and volunteering events, so keep an eye out for more details!


“What are period drives and packing parties?”

As one of our biggest events, PERIOD drives are events where members can donate money or period products. We use the money to buy period products for packing parties, where members help us pack period products for menstruators in need. Packing parties are a great way to get volunteer hours and have a direct impact on the menstruator community!

“Can I join even if I'm not a menstruator?"

Of course! PERIOD does not discriminate against gender or sex. Whether you menstruate or not, you can take part in all of our events!


“Are there leadership positions available?”

During the Spring, executive board positions are determined via election. At the beginning of every semester, directorship positions are also available for members.



“Where can I find more information?”

You can check out our Instagram @period.ucf or visit the national PERIOD site at You can also sign up for our biweekly newsletter below!

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