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PERIOD. at UCF is an RSO, or Registered Student Organization, which means we love to collaborate
with other organizations on and off campus. Whether it be our another chapter or a cultural club right at home, we love to discuss more about our mission and its intersectionality in various fields!


Down below you can find a bit more about our past and current collabs and what we've accomplished!


Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC) at UCF

At a Coffee Shop Talk, we discussed the cultural stigma around periods in Asian cultures and the “shame” behind menstruation. APAC generously donated a plethora of period products for us to distribute! In response to COVID-19, they hosted an online Coffee Shop Talk, in which we discussed period poverty, current policies around menstruation, and the effects of COVID-19 on period poverty. 


American Medical Student Association:

AMSA has been extremely supportive of our efforts and has allowed us to use their platform to share our cause and invite students to attend our meetings, as we tied the link between health policy in medicine and period policy. We've also had the opportunity to discuss about the current state of reproductive justice and its connections to period stigma and poverty.

Global Medical Brigades:

GMB is a global health and sustainable development organization that travels to third-world countries to work alongside medical professionals to assist with medical care and distribute medical supplies. They had planned a trip to Syria in August 2020, so we hosted a PERIOD. Talk to educate their members on the stigma around menstruation in Syria and some basics of menstrual health. We planned to fundraise menstrual products for their trip to Syria; however, due to COVID-19, we were unable to do so.

Hearts 4 Homeless:

Through our partnership, we were able to host a packing party. We created over 150 period packs, which would be later distributed to the homeless and impoverished population of downtown Orlando. Before the pandemic, we also attended one of the Hearts for Homeless blood pressure screenings where we distributed period packs in person and educated homeless menstruators on period hygiene! 

PERIOD. Takes Florida:

Over the summer, PERIOD. @ UCF gathered all of the Florida chapters of PERIOD together to plan several events and discussions over Zoom. It was an incredible success, with a few distinguished speakers and even National PERIOD. joining our Racism in Reproductive and Menstrual Health panel in July, earning a feature on their website. Through our teamwork, we raised awareness and proposed lots of resources for anyone wanting to better their knowledge about racism and menstrual equality, and raised awareness for the recent civil rights movement.

Pride Student Association:

We collaboratively held a period talk in which we navigated the importance of using the proper terminology when talking about periods. We discussed many topics; for instance, why we use the term “menstruator” instead of women, and how to spread this awareness to those around us. 

Interested in collaborating?

We're always excited to collaborate with new organizations! Shoot us an email or a dm on Instagram and we'll get back to you!



PERIOD. at UCF aims to end period poverty through prevention and action. One way we like to take action is through our period drives, where we donate menstrual products to menstruators in the local Orlando community that need them most!

Orlando Union Rescue Mission (OURM): 

The Orlando Union Rescue Mission is one of Central Florida’s oldest and largest homeless service providers. Their Mission provides for immediate physical needs — including food, clothing and shelter. OURM is our oldest donation partner and in our most recent packing party, we were able to provide to over 400 menstruators in need!

"Partnering with PERIOD@UCF has been a blessing to the ladies who reside at the Orlando Union Rescue Mission Women and Children's Division. Personal care items are always needed.  For easy distribution, the PERIOD UCF organization delivers the items in individual bags for each woman. Because of your passion, the women feel a since of security knowing that there will be a supply of personal care items designed just for them. Thank you for all you do and for helping those in need."

Linda Roscoe, OURM Volunteer Services Manager

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